Ranch Reach

What is Ranch Reach?

The Ranch Reach Committee (a sub-committee of The Membership Experience) was established within the Club as a way to promote a reliable community relations and donation vehicle for the benefit of the local community. Each year, The Ranch Country Club, through the Ranch Reach Committee and the Board of Directors, will select a non-profit organization to partner with. The Ranch extended its support of the Big Waves Foundation for another year in 2020!

About Big Waves

Founded by Members, Vaughn and Meghan Bigelow, after the tragic death of their son to gun violence, Big Waves has one simple mission statement: "nurture and grow the sport of water polo in Colorado, raise awareness about mental health and gun violence, build a stronger community and spread smiles, one ripple at a time."

Because Vaughn Jr., or "Bubba" loved to play water polo,  Big Waves (which includes, Ashley Wilkinson, Joseph Perrotto (both Ranch Members), Joseph Youngblood, Sean Whalen, Christy Schaefer and Brian Hoven), are starting to build the sport more in Colorado through various events throughout the year.

Ranch Reach Image

Ranch Reach Image

Big Waves awards the Vaughn Bigelow Jr. Scholarship to a Colorado high school graduate who competes in water polo. The scholarship is for $20,000 to be paid over a four-year period. "We are also involved in growing the Colorado High School Water Polo League in the Denver Metro and Front Range areas. In 2018, the League had three teams, and in 2019 it grew to seven teams. We are looking to almost double that for the 2020 season in the fall!"

"We want to give back to the community that has given so much to us. We are hosting three blood drives this year. We have Bubba's Birthday event at the McKay Bike part on July 8th, a free water polo clinic at The Ranch, a toy/coat drive planned for the end of the year, and, we've given monetary relief and goods to other local and national organizations that are in alignment with our mission and values (Camp Erin here in Denver, Children's Hospital, and Affirm)."

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"Finally, we want to make our biggest impact in regards to gun sense education, gun ownership, and mental health.  Mental health is an overlying theme of everything. Kids who struggle with mental health can benefit greatly from playing sports.  The mental health of a community will benefit from organized events such as blood drives, play days, fun runs, etc. Additionally, Mental health in regards to gun violence, is an ongoing and growing problem here and everywhere. We want to bring awareness to safe gun storage options with the Colorado Gun Safety Coalition. We are supporting groups like Affirm and Moms Demand Action who are working to help end the gun violence epidemic." 

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2020 Big Waves Events

Help Make a Difference • The Ranch Country Club encourages its Members to help make a difference in their community by supporting year-long events hosted by Big Waves! All events are located at The Ranch, unless otherwise indicated.

Big Waves Golf Tournament Registration is Now Open! 
The Big Waves Golf Tournament is the foundation's biggest fundraising event of the year! The golf tournament allows Big Waves to raise funds and further their mission: to encourage positive mind and body health by providing an opportunity and outlet for your athletes to participate in water polo with the intention that it creates a healthy environment for them to feel and process different emotions.

Members: receive $40 off your registration with the code: Ranch2020Tournament // Click here to register

Friday, August 21, 2020
1:30 p.m. Shotgun Start

 May 15th  "To Go" Tacos & Tequila Fundraiser
 May 28th  Virtual Trivia Night 
 July 8th  Bubba's Birthday* 
 July 27th  Blood Drive 
 August 21st  Big Waves Golf Tournament
 September 14th  Blood Drive
 September 26th  Big Waves 5K Run# 
 November 9th  Blood Drive 

* McKay Bike Park, Broomfield
#Lifetime Fitness, Westminster

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